Friday, December 1, 2006

I can see my table again!

Yesterday I finally got busy and started cleaning up my workspace. After a couple of hours of sorting and organizing I can finally see my table again!!! I just hung the shelf on the wall and I am going to hang some more. I like having it there to put up some of the cards that I have received and it will be nice to keep some of my stamps right there above my work surface.

Now I just wonder how long it will last. With everything so neat and tidy it really makes me want to go play! I really can't wait to add more stuff to the wall. Just adding the shelf made a huge difference. The wall was totally bare, and now it is starting to actually look like something. But, my most favorite thing is the little green Yoshi that is on my lamp. Yoshi is my favorite character from the Mario games, and I got him out of a Happy Meal a couple of months ago. He is hanging on right where the lamp arm folds. Too cute!


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