Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Got My Picture Scrapped!

I had some time yesterday morning to play with that picture of the kids and I got a page done. It is an 8 x 8 page and it turned out really cute. I put instructions up on my website.

When I was done I had it sitting up on the shelf above my table. When Emma saw it, she said "2 pictures of Emma!". She has this obsession recently with pictures. There are a lot more pictures of Alex around the house than there are of Emma just because he is so much older and I have been really bad about putting pictures in frames lately. Well, she has noticed! She is constantly going to the pictures around the house as if she is looking for pictures of herself. So, she gets really excited any time that she sees a picture of herself. Needless to say, i'm in the process of printing and framing some pictures of her so she doesn't feel left out!


Nancy James said...

what an adorable photo and layout!
your kids are sure cute!

Michelle said...

Thanks Nancy! I haven't put the page in the scrapbook yet. I have it sitting on the shelf above my table so that I can look at it!