Thursday, September 25, 2008

Emma's Birthday Party Invites

I took Emma to the store the other day to get the stuff for her birthday party invites. Since we couldn't find any Barbie stamps or stickers, she ended up picking a package of Little Mermaid stickers. Since all of the stickers are different images and sizes, I decided that I would just make all of the invitations different. They all share the same colors I just changed the layouts and embellishments on them to suit the size of the image since some are considerably larger than the others. Here are four of the designs . . .

Emma loves them! Especially the ones with the little jewels on them. Because I used stickers there is hardly any stamping on them. The only thing stamped is the bubbles on the last two. I don't use stickers a lot, but they sure come in handy when you can't find the stamps!

2 comments: said...

Ahhh....these should be a big hit, they're too cute

LiveLaughScrap said...

Oh, I love these invites. Yhey looks so simple, nut still very elegant. I'm sure her firends will love them.
Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog.